About Us

The Relaxing Humidifier Store was launched spring 2018. It's purpose to bring low maintenance, less stress and ultimately calm and soothing Humidifiers out to the everyday 9-5 worker. Whose already stressed about starting the day. 

The inspiration for this business was seeing how angry, stressed, and irritable people were when coming to work at my 9-5, taking out all their frustration on the job. People barely away and functioning. Basically zombies!


I remember coming home, feeling like a zombie hitting the bed. As a roommate of mine gave me a humidifier. He knew i had trouble sleeping, it was hot in my room, dry air, sinuses tossing and turning. It's just not easy getting to sleep! I turned that humidifier on, i reached salvation from a click of a button. 

  • No dry air 
  • No fatigue 
  • Lots of energy 
  • Most of all no stress, or anxiety to start the day!

I knew from then on this business's goal was to bring Humidifiers to everyone, so that they can wake up and take on the day!

Fill up your cart with these amazing humidifiers we have stocked up for you!